What Loraine's clients say about her Energy Healing.

' I had a wonderful chakra cleansing recently with Loraine, which left me invigorated and full of positivity! Loraine explained in detail what she would be doing and how this would work and I was eager to get started!

Everything that Loraine explained, resonated with me and I understood more clearly how my body was dealing with internal issues. Since my chakra cleansing I am more positive, less stressed and am aware of what I need to work on!  Thank you Loraine '

- Jane-

' Loraine's personal and intuitive healing abilities are phenomenal.  Being quite new to healing I was initially quite nervous but Loraine's thoughtful and considerate manners made me feel very comfortable. She asked me what I wanted to focus on and then she very clearly explained what she was going to do and what I may experience, but it was so much more. 

Loraine tuned into my chakra's and the related energy fields, she worked on the re-balance of the energy between the chakra's for the better part of an hour, which gave me a nice and warm feeling on the inside of my body.  The result was that I felt refreshed and very positive. The immediate effect was already impressive, the longer term effect was even more surprising the week or so thereafter I felt energised positive, balanced and more attuned. 

Further sessions assisted me in an even deeper equilibrium and a heightened awareness of the spiritual world around us. It has given me access to a different vision of the world and it has changed me forever. I highly recommend working with Loraine as you will benefit from her skills both physically and mentally, immediately and for an extended time.'

- Arlette -

'Several sessions from Loraine in the last few years have given me a profound trust in myself and the world around me. Physically, mentally as well as spiritually. The treatment itself is a priceless gift and gives an instant ultra relax state of body and mind. The effect on long term is more difficult to define. Because essentially she helps you to help yourself!'

- Annemiek -

'When Loraine suggested an energy healing session to help me with some physical issues, I was a bit skeptical but also intrigued by the concept of energy healing. I still have no idea what she did but felt really relaxing straightaway and after the second session and some conversations I noticed that I had found peace with myself and my feelings on a difficult and emotional subject. Again no idea what really happened but the sessions allowed me to heal myself. Thanks Loraine!'

- Nicolette -

'When Loraine heard that I had been struggling with low energy levels for months, she offered me a consultation and Energy Healing session. I had no experience with Energy Healing whatsoever and thought I give it a go. The experience in the first session was overwhelming. I literally felt Loraine connecting with my energy fields and I could actually feel the energy flowing through. At the end of a session, I feel a deep level of relaxation, both physical and emotional, that lasts and deepens throughout the week. In a timespan of about 2 months, I did 4 session and my energy levels increased significantly. Now I wish I had found out about Energy Healing sooner.'

- Robert -