About Loraine

I am an Energy Healer with a passion to help you to heal yourself. 

With a career as a project manager in the IT industry, becoming an energy healer was not the most obvious pathway.

Although always interested and attracted to spiritual oriented activities, I had a Quantum moment in 2011 during a meditation session led by a gifted spiritual therapist. A quantum Moment is an intense moment of an awakening of spirit. These events are usually vivid, surprising, benevolent and enduring. This was my starting point of making the transformation from an ego-driven life perspective to a spiritually balanced life with a feeling of becoming a more authentic being.

Since that moment, I have committed myself to a path of learning and self-development. Not long after I started this wonderful journey of growth and spiritual development, it became clear that my passion lies in energy healing. I spent the next years studying energy healing to develop my skills. In that process, I did a great deal of work on myself, in terms of healing and clearing, so that I could be a clear channel to work on others.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, I have lived in Sydney for 7 years. Since July 2016, I am back in The Netherlands and living in Aalsmeer (Amsterdam region). 


Loraine’s personal and intuitive healing abilities are phenomenal. Loraine’s thoughtful and considerate manners made me feel very comfortable.