What is energy healing?

The existence of the energy field and its use in healing is not new. It has been known for thousands of years, especially in India and China. It is only recently that the Western world starts to understand its significance and starts to use the energy field in healing therapies.

In a healthy person, the energy field is evenly balanced and in harmony, but where there is dis-ease, imbalance and disharmony can be felt. The causes for disease originate in one or more of our energetic bodies – the physical, emotional or mental body. 

A healer works with areas that are weak or congested within the energy field and by use of various balancing techniques, can bring the energy field to a more flowing, healthy, harmonious state. 

The healer typically uses the sensitivity in the hands and inner-perception to examine the energy field and bring alterations in the flow of energies. Energy healing is inner, meditative work, a subtle change in energies and forces, facilitated by the healer. The healer does not use touch, but works in the non-physical energy field around the body.

“I had a wonderful chakra cleansing recently with Loraine, which left me invigorated and full of positivity!”

The Chakra system

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The Chakra system is a system of energy centres or gateways which are located on the Etheric body of each person. Every person has 7 major Chakra's. Each chakra is responsible for a different physical, emotional and spiritual aspect of your life. Think of them as ‘adaptors’ of the energy which is all around us with which we are in constant exchange

As we move through life, we will activate or inhibit aspects of different chakras through experiences, emotions and attitudes, which may or may not result in blockage of the respective chakra.

Hence, restoring balance to these chakra’s is an important step on the journey to well being.

Long term healing

Energy healing is aimed at helping people to release their conditionings, conscious and subconscious expectations and habits that are blocking energy from flowing freely.

True and lasting healing results often are accompanied with new habits of the physical body, changes in nutrition and changes in the condition of the physical body, habits and ways to relax. You will find that energy healing influences from the inside out and is not enforced externally.

"The effectiveness of the healing is ultimately depended on the willingness of the client to express their true self and let go of conditions and habits that no longer serve them." 

Energy healing is not faith healing. You do not have to believe in energy healing in order to benefit. But evidently an open-minded person is more likely to be responsive than one who ‘resist’ help or change. An energy healer is spiritually oriented and not associated with any religion.

“The immediate effect was already impressive, the longer effect was even more surprising. The week or so thereafter I felt energised positive, balanced and more attuned.”