Do you believe in a holistic approach to your health?

Energy healing can be a valuable therapy as an alternative or supplement to modern medicine. It is a therapy for people who prefer to take a holistic approach to their health and well-being. The focus of energy healing is to discover the causes of complaints and issues, which can originate in one or more energetic bodies.  

The healer finds energy blockages and depletion in the energetic bodies so that blockages can be released and energy can flow freely. Energy healing works with subtle energies to encourage healing from the inside out. The healer facilitates subtle changes in the energetic field.

Do you believe in your own self-healing capacity?

The self-healing capacity of human beings is remarkable. Unfortunately people have lost a lot of knowledge and trust in this self-healing capacity, instead they are putting their trust often only in doctors and medication. The self healing capacity of each person is kick-started by means of energy healing.

Do you want to find balance?

A person feels whole and balanced if emotions, thoughts and actions are in harmony. Feeling balanced results in freedom. Freedom to make your own choices and express yourself from authentic power. Life then becomes a joyful experience. Energy healing restores balance in your life.

...Energy healing can kickstart your self-healing capacity and restore balance in your life

How can Energy healing be beneficial?

Energy healing can be beneficial for:

  • Physical issues, such as neck/back issues; headaches/migraines; hormone disbalance; support during recovery from illness, accidents and operations; and many more
  • Emotional issues, such as anxiety; stress and burn out; feeling of low energy; depression
  • A desire to connect with a higher consciousness, like development of intuition, support for questions around life purpose, answers to important life questions
Loraine tuned into my chakra’s and worked on the re-balance of the energy between the chakra’s. The result was that I felt refreshed and very positive.